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Freelancing Tools of the Trade

Do you consider downtime a slump? We say use it constructively

Robyn Thekiso believes downtime should not be something we stress about. She advocates using those quiet periods to do something constructive. Most independent consultants value the flexibility that comes with dictating their work hours. It’s one of the popular reasons cited for opting to freelance in the 2017/2018 SA Freelance Media Industry & Rates Report. …

M&R Collective, Meneesha Govender, Robyn Thekiso
Tools of the Trade

Embracing a creative block and making it work for you

We’ve all experienced it at one time or another. It’s a rite of passage for every creative. Meneesha Govender shares how she deals with a creative block. On December 4, 2017, I launched my freelancing career in earnest. Since then, I have steadfastly and consistently shared and engaged with followers on my social media platforms. …

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General Tools of the Trade

Launching a new website: here’s a checklist to cover all the bases

A good website is designed well, offers good user experience and has strong SEO. If you’re starting out on designing a website or if you have employed a website designer but need to know what you need to look out for, Meneesha Govender shares her website launch checklist here. Design Colour Ideally, you should decide …

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Freelancing General

Change is coming: we cannot avoid it

Robyn Thekiso delivered a talk at Madex 2018, entitled “Freelancing is the Future”. This blog expands on this topic.  Evolution is generally accepted as the physical process, over extended periods of time, that enhances survival and reproduction traits to become more common in successive generations of a population.  On a psychological level, we ascribe adaptability …